Top Ten Bondage Terms You Have To Know

Top Ten Bondage Terms You Have To Know

Takeaway: Bondage requires a specific number of training before you hop in. Therefore allow’s focus on the very essentials: terminology.

Perchance you’ve done the silk connect thing together with your partner, tying them up to help you have your path together with them. Or perhaps you’ve perused bondage porn on the web, wishing which could be you tangled up and torturing or helpless the main one you like with rope. In any event, you actually are interested in bondage.

The one thing to learn about bondage is so it requires a lot of training before you hop in. Therefore allow’s begin with the basics that are very terminology. Listed below are 10 typical bondage terms you have to know. Consider this as being a beginning part of your kinky bondage education.


Rigger, a sex neutral term, is the most truly effective into the bondage scene. It means the one who ties their consenting partner up (or down!). A rigger can be a top just in a bondage scene or they might be the Dominant in a relationship that is d/s. When it comes to a bondage energy change, the rigger could be the individual in control. The word “rigger” originates from a vintage cruising term – it absolutely was the individual responsible for the ropes that managed the sails of a ship.

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Line Bunny

A rope bunny can also be known being a rope slut. Not everybody likes both terms, nevertheless they both have a similar basic meaning. Line bunnies will be the bottoms in a bondage energy change. This is basically the person who’s being tied up/down by their rigger.

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